North Star Processing
Facility & Equipment

70,000 sq. ft. warehouse, shipping/receiving facility & wet/dry processing equipment

Processing Facility & Warehouse

70,000 sq. ft Production Facility & warehouse with 3 drying lines
(400lbs evaporative capacity).

Wet/Dry Processing Equipment

Over 2,750lbs per hr. of water removal.
Automation, data capture, trend analyses and fully automated robotic palletisers.

Spray Drying

Our state of the art controls & equipment allow for a range of particle sizes & densities with accurate & consistent results.

Wet Blending

Our wet processing equipment is all automated & fully PLC controlled to ensure the highest quality of production and process validation.

Process Development

Our many years of experience & a state of the art facility allow us to offer a wide range of R&D, process development & product improvement options.

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Our 70,000 sq. ft. facility is located about 1 ½ hours from Minneapolis and MSP International Airport.

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