Processing Capabilities

Spray Drying, Wet Blending & R&D Services for the Food & Supplement Industries

NSP offers a wide variety of process capabilities including:

  • Liquid blending & mixing
  • Liquid & dry blending
  • Homogenization
  • High shearing
  • RO water for blending
  • Partial agglomeration
  • R & D testing runs
  • Feasability testing & trials
  • Process validation

NSP utilizes multiple tall form, two stage dryers to meet customer specified particle size, densities and moistures. The tall form dryers are suited for both fat and non-fat containing products producing either non-agglomerated or agglomerated free flowing powders. Automated controls allow NSP to make a range of particle sizes and densities with accurate and consistent results. The dryers are sized to handle large production runs or small batch R & D trials. NSP will custom blend to your formulation.

Spray Drying

Wet Blending

Blending Technologies


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Our 70,000 sq. ft. facility is located about 2 hours northwest of Minneapolis.

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