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The fluid bed is a horizontal vibratory chamber with heating and cooling zones. When the almost dry sticky powder hits the fluid bed, air flow through a perforated bed pushes the powder gently through a series of weirs creating a condition where small particles can stick to each other and form an agglomerated particle. NSP has many years of experience in defining the exact conditions required for hundreds of different products to create the ideal particle size our customers need. In some cases, to promote rapid rehydration in water or in others to maximize compression and adhesion when forming tablets.

The exhaust air then passes through 2 cyclones that create a vortex so that the fine powders get collected by utilizing centrifugal force.

Very fine particles are captured in the air flow and returned to the top of the dryer where they act as seed particles for the creation of powder particles in the main chamber.

The finished powder is transported to a hopper where it is delivered to the bagging/filling process.

NSP excels at the flexibility it can bring alongside the quality it delivers.

Finally, the exhaust air from each drying line passes through its own environmental scrubbers where residual dust and odors are collected before the air leaves the building.

In line with its quality and corporate goals, NSP is committed to constantly improving its environmental impacts and is always seeking to adopt and invest in more sustainable technologies.

Our FDA approved CIP procedures assure we’ve minimized the potential for cross contamination of product and possible allergens when switching from product to product.



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