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Spray Drying, Wet Blending & R&D Services for the Food & Supplement Industries

From the moment our customers products arrive, our quality procedures start. Goods are sampled and analyzed for the critical parameters agreed upon and defined by the individual SOPs (standard operating procedures) to assure conformity to the specifications (such as dry matter content, temperature, density, color pH) and where necessary samples are taken for microbiology or more complex analyses at a customer approved laboratory.

Covered vehicular access for both wet and dry goods provide protection against external environmental contaminants. Dry goods for blending and rehydration are accepted in our warehouse and then staged in a separate area when needed. Tankers connect and discharge to one of our many storage silos comprising 100,000 gallons of capacity. The silos are insulated, refrigerated and have sloping bottoms with agitation and dedicated CIP circuits. After emptying, truck wash facilities provide total control over the starting material input, and readiness for the next products. The segregation of products for the 2 main dryers, and independent product line CIPs assures total control. From the minute your product arrives, throughout the entire manufacturing process, and until the goods finally leave our facility, our quality of equipment design, and adherence to strictest safety procedures means we deliver exactly what our customers require.


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Our 70,000 sq. ft. facility is located about 1 ½ hours from Minneapolis and MSP International Airport.

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