Wet Blending

Spray Drying, Wet Blending & R&D Services for the Food & Supplement Industries

In our wet process we have designed-in flexibility without any loss of performance and product integrity allowing us to offer many options.

Each large dryer has its own dedicated wet process room.

Both wet process rooms are equipped with 3 independent 1,000 gallon batch tanks that can be used as reactor tanks (time temp pH) operating sequentially or in any combination, Naturally, in line with our commitment to quality, each tank also has its own separate and isolated CIP circuit.

Stored product can be fed to the dryers directly from the silos, or to blend tanks where other liquid components (reagents enzymes) or powders (through the wall from a segregated room into sealed mixing vessels in the wet processing area) can be added.

All transfers are fully automated and measured, using plc controls, with the option for legal pasteurization, or thermisation using inline heat exchangers before being sent to the dryer feed pumps. SOP parameters for every product guide the entire process and records are made of every step to document conformance to regulatory and customer requirements.

Wet Blending

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