North Star Quality

Dedicated to the safe manufacture of your food products.
Certified HACCP
Orthodox Union Kosher
QAI Certified Organic
Gluten Intolerance Group
Certified Halal
Non GMO Project Verified
MN Department of Agriculture
  • Regulatory: NSP is registered with the FDA, USDA, and MN Department of Agriculture.  The Quality group regularly works with our customers if there are additional regulatory requirements to ensure we and they meet full compliance.
  • 3rd party certifications: SQF-Manufacturing, Organic, NonGMO, Gluten Free, Kosher, and Halal.
  • Food Safety Program: Includes pre-requisite programs, detailed flow diagrams, and fully functioning and validated HACCP plans to ensure product safety.
  • Batch record development and implementation: Based on the customer guidance, NSP will develop manufacturing steps to ensure that each product meets regulatory requirements and applicable specifications.
  • Allergen Identification and Control Program: to protect food, food contact surfaces, and packaging materials from allergen cross contact.  The program has specific instructions for how allergens are received, identified, stored, handled, and cleaned.
  • Sanitation Program: includes complete instructions and cleaning requirements for all equipment and ancillary devices, processing rooms, environmental, HVAC, storage, and personnel facilities. All sanitation activities will be reviewed and NSP will have documented evidence that equipment has been adequately cleaned prior to use.  Sanitation procedures and records are reviewed/approved by the quality department.
  • Environmental Monitoring: NSP has a robust program that includes monitoring equipment, processing areas, and support areas to support the state of control within the facility as it relates to cleanliness.
  • Foreign material controls: A variety of controls including screens, filters, magnets, and metal detectors are within each processing line to reduce/eliminate physical contaminants from the product.
  • Internal testing: includes moisture, particle size distribution (sieve testing), bulk density, and pH
  • External testing: NSP has qualified a 3rd party lab to perform environmental monitoring analysis.
  • Training: The operators are our front line for our quality controls.  Our training program includes Orientation training, specific job function training, SOP training, Refresher training, and GMP training to ensure all individuals are capable of performing the tasks required.
  • Audits: Dedicated lines mean we can have independent audits by customers when running their products even when running something else in the factory.

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